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The Original Hot Yoga

26 postures + 90 minutes +104 degrees=pure bliss

Welcome to Bikram Yoga Yorktown Heights

Join our wonderful community of friends who practice Bikram Yoga daily to create balanced and healthy lives.  At Bikram Yoga Yorktown you will find a welcoming environment of teachers and students of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. 

Discover your potential.  As your practice unfolds, you learn to quiet the mind, understand your limitations, and ways to overcome them, and turn your weaknesses into strengths. You might even find that you are smiling all over, inside-out, from your bones to your skin, fingertips to your toes!

Experience the most effective and exciting physical fitness program!  Bikram Yoga Yorktown is the Authentic Hot Yoga. We are independently owned and operated.

All of our teachers are certified Bikram Yoga teachers.

Weekly Schedule         

Sun     8:30AM 10:30AM 1PM Sivananda 90 min 3:00PM- 90 min Bikram Yoga Community $15dropin _____________________________________________________________________ Mon     6:30AM        9:30AM       4:30PM E        6:00PM-Hot Pilates      7:15PM -Yin Yoga ______________________________________________________________________________ Tue     6:30AM       9:30AM       5:30PM Hot Vinyasa  60 min      7:00PM _____________________________________________________________________________ Wed     6:30AM    9:30AM Hot Yinyasa     4:30PM E    6:00PM-Hot Pilates      7:15PM ______________________________________________________________________________ Thu     6:30AM       9:30AM YinYoga     5:30PM E      7:00PM-Hot Pilates ______________________________________________________________________________ Fri      6:30AM       9:30AM       5:30PM Hot Yinyasa ______________________________________________________________________________ Sat     8:30AM     10:30AM Yin Yoga     3:00PM Hot Pilates 60 min

All Classes are $23 Drop In Single Senior or Student    (senior over 55   student Full time under 25) Sunday 3PM Community Class is $15 Drop In E=Express-  60 min Bikram Yoga Class Hot Pilates -60 min Yin Yoga 75 min postures+meditation Hot Vinyasa  60 min              

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9 Classes for $99

Limit 2/person

3 month expiration from date of activation

Cards must be activated by August 1, 2019

Sale ends 5/27

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Lose weight, De-stress, Get healthy.

Bikram Yoga is a series of twenty-six Hatha Yoga postures and two Pranayama breathing techniques designed to provide a challenging, invigorating, rejuvenating and effective yoga experience. During this class, you will work every muscle, tendon, ligament, joint and internal organ in the entire body, giving you an incredible sense of health & well being.                 I It's a 90 minute moving meditation. 

You leave class feeling refreshed, relaxed and energized.

This practice is perfect whether you are brand new to yoga or athlete looking to up your game. Perfect if you are trying to recover from chronic injury or illness, high BP, cholesterol or sugar-or just someone who wants to wake up everyday and feel amazing.

NEW STUDENT INTRO MONTH $49 Gives you 30 days to try unlimited classes. For new students only

New Student Intro Month

To purchase click on image. Students new to our studio.

Sound Retreat

Sunday May 19 5PM-6PM

$35 limit 10 studetns

Wear comfortable clothes. Bring a yoga mat. Room will not be heated

A Sound Retreas gets your energy field back in harmony resulting in a re-balancing of energy and an increase in relaxation. Sound retreats are like a cleanse for your cells and the best part is all you have to do is breathe and listen.

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Member of OHYA

Member of OHYA