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Afraid of the HEAT?

Don't be. It may seem overwhelming to think about exercising in a room heated to 104 but your body quickly adjusts to the temp. The heat helps to warm your muscles so they can safely stretch. It also  dilates your blood vessels so blood moves rapidly through your system clearing out toxins and bringing fresh oxygenated blood and nutrients to your cells making you healthier.

To feel more comfortable in the heated room:

  • Wear light clothes  
  •  Come well hydrated  
  •  Come to class on an EMPTY stomach.

What to expect from your first class.
First of all congratulate yourself for making the decision to join us.
By practicing Bikram Yoga regularly you will change your life in the most wonderful ways.
It is normal to feel a bit nervous or scared. Just know that most people feel this way, but don't let that stop you. Bikram Yoga is designed for beginners and as long as you relax and let the teacher guide you, you will meet with success from the very beginning.

How to prepare for class.

  • Drink plenty of water. 

In fact the water you drink today benefits you tomorrow so stay hydrated all the time. When you come be prepared to sweat, but by being fully hydrated the heat will feel comfortable not overwhelming. Remember that coffee and alcohol are dehydrating.

  • Come to class on an empty stomach


  • Dress in cool comfortable clothing.

Avoid long pants and long sleeves and things made of cotton. Dress as if you were going to the beach on a beautiful summer day. By the way, that is what it is like in the room especially in the winter.